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Say No to the Saudi Dictatorship Leading the WTO

The Saudi dictatorship has submitted a nominee for the top position of the World Trade Organization — the Director General.

Saudi Arabia’s monarchy is unfit to lead the WTO. In addition to its brutal repression, the government systemically discriminates against women and maintains the “Kafala” labor system, a form of modern-day slavery.

To the Gates Foundation: End Your Silence on India's Brutality

Demand that the Gates Foundation end its silence and condemn the military and police brutality of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s authoritarian government in Kashmir. Urge the Gates Foundation to rescind its award to Indian Prime Minister Modi. Call on the Gates Foundation to speak out against police and military repression in all countries within which it operates.

Support a U.S. foreign policy that prioritizes diplomacy over militarism

For decades, U.S. foreign policy has been overly focused on confrontation with perceived adversaries and the global projection of U.S. military power. Doing so has militarized our response to global challenges, distorted our national security spending priorities, toxified our political discourse, and left us woefully ill-prepared to confront the growing transnational threats to human security we face today that do not have military solutions.

We are demanding a fundamental shift in U.S. foreign policy.

About Freedom Forward

Freedom Forward seeks a world in which all people have the benefit of living in societies that are anchored in democracy and respect for human rights.

We envision a U.S. foreign policy that is aligned with the value of global freedom, with a special focus on those governments that count themselves as allies of the U.S. but do not share our own commitment to democratic values.

We seek an end to U.S. alliances with dictators, kings, and apartheid governments. We envision a world in which U.S. foreign policy is fully aligned with the hopes and aspirations of people who desire freedom.

Learn more about our work here.